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Grand Square - United Kingdom

Grand Square - United Kingdom (Grand Square-UK) is made up of a dedicated team of Square Dance Callers, Round Dance Cuers, Square Dancers and Round Dancers who are passionate about promoting the activity of Square and Round Dancing.  As such we raise funds to provide calling and cueing schools to improve the skills of the callers and cuers here in the United Kingdom.  

The schools are free and available to any caller or cuer wishing to improve their skills. Callers and cuers from countries other than the UK are always welcome to attend the Grand Square-UK Caller and Cuer Schools. In the past we have provided caller and cuer training for callers and cuers from the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Sweden, The Czech and Slovak Republics, The Netherlands and Russia, to name a few. These caller and cuer schools are funded by dancers who attend our Grand Square - UK weekend Festivals and Days of Dance that we organise. 

Our first Grand Square-UK Festival and Caller School was held in 2007 and was sponsored/funded by Grand Square International (the parent body) headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, U.S.A.  The Festival was so successful that the event not only covered it's cost, but allowed the Caller School to run with little or no funding from the parent body.

Our second  Grand Square-UK Festival and Caller School included a Cuer School as well and took place in 2009. It was the first  Grand Square Caller School to include a Cuer School including a Cuer coach who was essential to provide for the educational requirements of the Round Dance Cuers. This Grand Square-UK Festival and Caller and Cuer School was very successful and spurred the team on to plan for the next Grand Square-UK Festival and School.

Our third Grand Square-UK Festival and Caller and Cuer School was held in 2014 and also very successful.

All Three of the Festivals and Caller and Cuer Schools have been totally funded due to the efforts of Grand Square-UK organising team and the contributions and support from Square Dancers and Round Dancers here in the United Kingdom.

Please check our 'Events'  page for information on events that are upcoming in the calendar.

What is Grand Square International and what do they do?

Grand Square International (GSI) sponsors dance weekend festivals throughout the year in various locations throughout the USA and overseas. All profits from these events are used to further promote the square dance activity and caller education. 
The festivals are staffed by top national callers, and the best local callers and cuers.  To date, festivals have been in many locations throughout Europe.
The festivals are a full weekend, and are usually preceeded by a callers school the week before, staffed by CALLERLAB-accredited caller coaches.

The Grand Square International Mission can best be described in this document (click here).